Andrea MacNamara Jacoby, principal photographer and co-founder of Winery Dogs Publishing, is based in Greenville, South Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Allen, their children, Andrew and Kaia, and beloved dog, Mac. Her other books include Winery Dogs of Napa Valley, Winery Dogs of Sonoma, and Winery Dogs of New York.



Heather MacNamara Zundel, marketing manager and co-photographer, tirelessly searched the valley's bounty of wineries to find the book's photogenic canines.


Elaine Riordan, writer, editor and source of never-ending information about the world of publishing, conducted interviews and composed stories about what may be the happiest dogs in the world.


Jacque Foster, 38 going on 24, lives in Greenville, SC, with hilarious husband, Bill (not 38), a lawyer (we love him anyway); energetic almost-five-year-old son, Reece; giddy toddler girl, Sullivan; and running partner, seven-year-old "Velcro" vizsla, Cash (like Cassius, not Johnny). Once a magazine publisher and now retired, Jacque digs freelance writing, managing her crazy family, growing veggies for her kids to spit out and winning on the tennis court.


Jaime, photographer and designer of Winery Dogs of Central California, has an old dog  and lives with his family.

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